The City of Fredericton purchases goods and services through a central purchasing system in accordance with all applicable legislation in order to obtain the best value and to maintain a continuous supply of goods and service.

Tenders, Quotation, Proposals, and Expressions of Interest are advertised on the Province of New Brunswick Central Purchasing Division website under Procurement Information. To receive notice of tender opportunities for the City of Fredericton or browse Tender advertisement, a vendor is strongly recommended to register on the NBON website.

It is not a requirement to be registered as a vendor with the City of Fredericton in order to compete in Tenders, Quotation, and Proposal and Expression of Interests process or to sell goods and services to the City of Fredericton.

For more information, contact the Purchasing Division.

** DISCLAIMER The City of Fredericton takes every precaution to select the correct commodity number when advertising on NBON. The City of Fredericton is not responsible for e-mail notification malfunction or incorrect commodity coding. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to browse all opportunities on the NBON on a regular basis, prior to closing dates in order to request bidding documents from the Purchasing division.