Budget 2019

#FredBudget2019: City delivers a principled and balanced budget despite an extraordinary year.

The City of Fredericton is guided by the principles of fiscal responsibility. These principles have resulted in 12 consecutive years of no property tax increases while maintaining services. 

On December 10, 2018, Fredericton City Council approved the City of Fredericton’s 2019 Budget. The $120.2 million dollar General Fund budget comes after a difficult year where the City had to deal with extraordinary costs related to large WorksafeNB premium increases and the tragedy of August 10th. The budget includes a one cent property tax increase to help pay for the extraordinary costs but maintains or improves on existing services, and achieves more than $930,000 in efficiencies despite extraordinary circumstances in 2018. 

$18.7 million is set aside for the Capital Budget and more than $758,000 will be provided in grants to community groups.

The previously approved $20.7 million Water and Sewer Budget for 2019 will see the combined water & sewer rate will increase from $1.78/m³ to $1.82/m³ and the quarterly service charge rise from $107.98 to $113.90. The rate increase will support much needed reinvestment in replacing old infrastructure to keep our water safe and clean.  The Water & Sewer Utility will invest $10.5 million in infrastructure.

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