Budget 2022

Fredericton City Council has approved the City’s 2022 Budget, which resets Fredericton’s budget baseline to better deliver municipal operations and reduces the property tax rate.

The $135.1 million budget will allow the City to deliver the same service level, cover inflationary costs and wage increases, address structural gaps created over the past few years, adjust budget lines to reflect a growing city, fully fund its Capital budget, and mitigate impacts resulting from COVID-19 forecasts.

The City will also reduce the tax rate by 2.25 cents. As a result, the 2022 inside tax rate will drop from $1.4311 per $100 assessment to $1.4086. The outside rate will be lowered from $1.0733 per $100 assessment to $1.0565.

Water and Sewer Utility Budget

There continued to be a significant reduction in water consumption in Fredericton in 2021. This has created a shortfall of revenue for the Utility in 2022.  As a result, and with expenses continuing to rise, the City’s Water & Utility will continue to follow its Long-Term Financial Plan and raise water & sewer rates.

Effective with the second quarter billing in 2022, the combined water and sewer rate will rise from $1.86/m3 to $1.94/m3. The quarterly service charge will raise from $117.20 to $123.80.

The average house in Fredericton pays $2.39 daily for safe, secure and reliable water, as well as environmentally sound treatment of wastewater. The budget changes mean the average household will pay $31.50 more annually for water & sewer services starting in 2022.

The total Water & Sewer Budget is $23,182,932 with $11,719,193 going towards Capital projects. As per provincial legislation, Fredericton’s water and sewer utility is self-funded, deriving all its revenue from rates charged and government infrastructure grants. 

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