Value for Service

A Monthly Breakdown of Your Property Tax Dollars in 2021

Your property tax dollars help provide the municipal programs and services that continue to make Fredericton a great place to live, work and play.

Here is a monthly expense breakdown of what residents receive for their municipal tax dollars.

These numbers are based on the average assessed home value in Fredericton in 2021, which is $224,184 with an annual property tax bill of $3,208 or $267.36 per month.​

Value for Service

2021 Value for Service: A Monthly Breakdown

Public Safety: $98.76

Public Safety includes the protection of people and property through police and fire services, emergency management and enforcement of appropriate legislation.

Police: $55.77
  • Maintain Peace and Order
  • Protect Life and Property
  • Prevent Crime and Harm
  • Investigate Crime
Fire: $34.47
  • Fire Emergency Response (Fire, Accident & Medical)
  • Fire Investigation
  • Fire Prevention & Inspection
By-law Enforcement & Building Inspection: $1.78
  • Animal Registration & Control
  • Building Construction Permission & Enforcement
  • By-Law Enforcement
Emergency Preparedness: $6.74
  • Emergency Preparedness Coordination

Mobility: $76.87

Mobility focuses on the movement of people and goods through a well-planned transportation system that provides efficient movement of people and vehicles.

Roadway Operations $59.44
  • Roadway Management
  • Sidewalk Management
  • Taxi Industry Regulation
  • Trails Management
  • Transportation Network Management
Transit: $15.07
  • Chartered Busing
  • Dial-A-Bus Transit
  • Fredericton Transit
Parking Management: $2.36
  • Parking Management

Livable Community: $46.90

A socially progressive and diverse community offering opportunities for cultural enrichment and active living, while ensuring the preservation of the City’s cultural and historical identity.

Recreation, Culture & Community Development: $26.91
  • Community Special Event Coordination & Support
  • Leisure and Recreation Development and Delivery
  • Recreation Facility Scheduling
  • Sports Field Management
Parks & Trees: $12.13
  • Arboriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Parks and Playground Management
Cultural Development: $6.73
  • Cultural Programming and Learning Opportunities
Community Development: $1.13
  • Community Liaison & Social Outreach
  • Heritage Planning & Conservation

Economic Vitality: $19.61

Economic vitality focuses on the economic health, diversity and prosperity of our community.

Tourism: $12.72
  • Tourism Events Development
  • Tourism Marketing & Sales
  • Tourism Programs: Changing of the Guard, the Summer Music Series, Under the Stars Classic Film Series, and the edVentures learning vacation program.
  • Fredericton Convention Centre (City owns & maintains building / Provides operational grant / Governed by a volunteer board of directors
Economic Development: $6.89
  • Business Attraction & Retention
  • Development Approval
  • Long Range Land Use Planning

Environmental Stewardship: $12.65

This program focuses on the environmental health and vibrancy of the community’s natural assets and how they interface with our built environment.

Solid Waste Management: $7.81
  • Composting
  • Solid Waste Management
Storm Water Management: $4.67
  • Storm Water Management
Environmental Outreach: $0.17
  • Environmental education and advocacy

Governance & Civic Engagement: $12.57

Vision, leadership and decision-making for the common good, generated by an informed and engaged community working in collaboration with City government.

  • Management Systems: $6.54
  • Community Leadership: $5.86
  • Intergovernmental Affairs: $0.18

Water & Sewer Utility

As per provincial legislation, the Water & Sewer Utility is self-funded, deriving all of its revenue from rates charged and government infrastructure grants. It is separate from the City of Fredericton’s general fund budget and property tax system.