Community Services Committee

The Community Services Committee is primarily concerned with the quality of parks and recreation facilities and programs in Fredericton.

This committee’s duties include:

  • monitoring, supporting, and coordinating the planning and implementation of leisure and recreation programs
  • coordinating the use and maintenance of existing parks and trails
  • planning and developing new parks and trails within the city
  • providing liaison between the Council and the Fredericton Tree Commission in the development and implementation of tree planting and preservation programs.

The Community Services Committee meets the second Thursday of every month at noon.


  • Coun. Henri Mallet, Chair
  • Councillor Mark Peters, Vice-Chair
  • Councillor Dan Keenan
  • Councillor Eric Price
  • Councillor Greg Ericson
  • Councillor Kate Rogers
  • Councillor John MacDermid
  • Councillor Stephen Chase
  • Councillor Eric Megarity
  • Councillor Bruce Grandy