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Affordable Housing Committee

The City’s Affordable Housing Committee (FAHC) was created because the Mayor and City Councillors saw the need for the availability of more affordable housing units to ensure that every Frederictonian has a safe and affordable place to call home. 

The FAHC recognizes the importance of improving housing affordability across the entire housing continuum for all residents and acts as an advocate for those who:

  • are housing vulnerable
  • have recently immigrated to Canada
  • require affordable rent
  • have special housing needs
  • are in the circumstance of poverty


Image of Housing Continuum (source: CMHC)

Source: CMHC

Committee members are dedicated to improving access to affordable housing in our city. In partnership with the City of Fredericton, the FAHC supports the following initiatives:


  • Kate Rogers, Committee Chair and Fredericton City Councillor
  • Ken Forrest, City of Fredericton 
  • Marchell Coulombe, Horizon Health 
  • Ben McNamara, NB Association for Community Living 
  • Christin Swim, Skigin Elnoog
  • Kendra Churchill, Social Development 
  • Dave Shalala, NB Non-profit Housing Association 
  • Dominic Aubé, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation 
  • Faith McFarland, United Way 
  • Jason LeJeune, Housing First United way 
  • John Barrow, John Howard Society 
  • Misty McLaughlin, Youth in Transition (Chrysalis House)
  • Perry Kendall, Habitat for Humanity 
  • Wendy Waye, Fredericton Non-profit Housing Corporation 
  • Willy Scholten, Colpitts Development 
  • Brent Greason,  Bank of Montreal 
  • Sandi MacKinnon, Greater Fredericton Social Innovation