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Age-Friendly Survey

Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee Survey Results:

The City of Fredericton Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee and partners are conducting this survey. See the following for more information about the process and survey.

Why is the survey important? 

The survey will:

  • help with long term decision-making on issues that affect us, on the part of elected officials, City staff, and the many non-profit organizations which continually work to make Fredericton a great city in which to live, work and play. 
  • provide a basis for ongoing public discussion about our concerns. As data from the survey is analyzed and important issues identified, the plan is to follow-up with community consultations and forums. This will provide ongoing clarity and help in the creation of an age-friendly action plan to ensure that our needs are being met. 

Who are the partners?

Survey partners include the City’s Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee, the NB Senior Goodwill Ambassadors, the Wellness Movement, L’Unité du Troisième Âge pour l’Apprentissage de la Capitale (UTAAC), and Greater Fredericton Social innovation (GFSI). 

For more information about survey participation, purpose, postal code collection, and data safety, please click here