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Mike O’Brien


There are three common threads that weave through Mike O’Brien’s rise to become Mayor of Fredericton – a lifetime of public service, a visionary insight, and a compassion for the less advantaged. Combined with his love for his community, these traits resulted in a City stronger and more inclusive than it otherwise may have been.
Professionally, he made his mark as an engineer, overseeing efficiency innovations at General Motors, Connors Bros. and NB Liquor.  But to some older Frederictonians, he may be better known for his days as part of the famed Fredericton Condors, where his pitching took him all the way to a national title and the NB Baseball Hall of Fame.
But it was his work away from the ball diamond that distinguishes his greater legacy. Mike’s dedication to community saw him serve on numerous boards over the years from the Chamber of Commerce to school and hospital committees.  But of all the social issues he has tackled, the one he is most passionate about, and the one where he has had the greatest impact, is homelessness.  As the founding Chair of Fredericton’s Affordable Housing Committee and later as Chair of the Community Action Group on Homelessness, Mike has been in the forefront of promoting Housing First, a proven model to eradicate chronic homelessness in his City.  This effort has put Fredericton on the path to being the first City in New Brunswick to eliminate chronic homelessness.
Hand in hand with his community service in the non-profit sector, Mike also has a distinguished record of elected service.  After first being voted to City Council in 2001, he was re-elected in the subsequent three elections, then in 2016 was elected Mayor. While the script for his accomplishments in the Mayor’s chair is still being written, his achievements as a councilor include two that will serve the City particularly well, well into the future.
As Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee, Mike oversaw the adoption of the City’s visionary long-term fiscal plan, and the adoption of the Lean Six Sigma process improvement program. Combined with his focus on social programs aimed at inclusion and leaving no one behind, these two initiatives have positioned Fredericton as one of the most progressive and fiscally responsible communities in the country.