Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee, established in 2013, is made up of community stakeholders who advise Council and make recommendations on matters affecting arts and cultural development within the municipality.


The Committee reports to Council through the Livable Community and Economic Vitality Standing Committees as needed or requested and presents directly to Council once annually. The Committee will report on the issues pertaining to arts and cultural development in the municipality.


The Committee is made up of one Councillor appointed by the Mayor, and 10 - 15 community stakeholders appointed by Council.

Members consist of a diverse representation associated with or with considerable working knowledge of a range of arts and cultural organizations (such as, venues, galleries, presenters), artists, as well as the business sector, First Nations, Francophone cultural community, youth and seniors.

Members are appointed by City Council to serve on the Committee for a three-year term. Members may serve and be appointed for two additional consecutive three-year terms.

The Committee meets every other month except for July and August, and/or at the discretion of the Chair.

Committee Members:

  • Councillor Darrah
  • Maegen Black
  • Wayne Burley
  • Adam Clawson
  • Nathalie Dubois
  • Lucas Hicks
  • Stefanie Loukes
  • Natasha MacLellan
  • Marie Maltais
  • Kim Nash-McKinley
  • Fatema Pagdiwala
  • Tom Smart
  • Carolynne Soucy
  • Julia Stewart
  • Germaine Pataki-Theriault
  • Stefan Westner