Governance & Civic Engagement Committee

The Governance & Civic Engagement Committee actively pursues the various activities, policies and programs of the Federal and Provincial Governments and their Agencies.

This committee’s duties include:

  • promoting a coordinated and strategic approach to presenting City priorities and representations
  • organizing and participating in strategic planning sessions to identify and select Council priorities
  • acting as a liaison between Council and the various associations that make representations on behalf of municipalities at the provincial level.


  • Deputy Mayor Greg Ericson, Chair
  • Mayor Kate Rogers, Vice-Chair
  • Councillor Margo Sheppard
  • Councillor Mark Peters
  • Councillor Bruce Grandy
  • Councillor Jocelyn Pike
  • Councillor Steven Hicks
  • Councillor Eric Megarity
  • Councillor Kevin Darrah
  • Councillor Ruth Breen
  • Councillor Cassandra LeBlanc
  • Councillor Jason LeJeune
  • Councillor Henri Mallet