Mayor's Working Committee on Community / Post-Secondary Relations

About the Committee

The Mayor's Working Committee on Community / Post-Secondary Relations works to foster better communication between the City of Fredericton and its post-secondary institutions for the purpose of generating greater opportunities for the community as a whole.

The Committee is made up of interested stakeholders with representation from City Council, the Office of the City Administrator, the universities, downtown business, and citizens at large. The Mayor and both University presidents are ex-officio members.

The Committee meets quarterly on an as-needed basis and its duties include:

  • Discussing and finding solutions to various community/post-secondary institution issues; and
  • Making recommendations to Council and the post-secondary institutions on issues such as diversity and inclusion, off-campus student housing, student transit, alumni events, and living well together in our neighborhoods.

For more information or for copies of the minutes, call 292-6174 or email


Neighbourhood Representatives

  • Jennifer O’Donnell
  • Laura O’Brien

New Brunswick Legislative Assembly

  • David Coon, MLA Fredericton South / Taeyon Kim, Constituency Co-ordinator, MLA David Coon
  • Jill Green, MLA Fredericton North

City of Fredericton

  • Kate Rogers, Mayor
  • Adam Grant, Recreation Leader (Liaison)
  • Brad Cameron, Assistant Director, Public Safety
  • Ruth Breen, Councillor, Co-Chair
  • Jeff Mack, Assistant Deputy Fire
  • Greg Ericson, Deputy Mayor
  • Mike Bamford, Constable, Fredericton Police Force
  • Jason LeJeune, Councillor

Saint Thomas University

  • Ryan Sullivan, Associate VP Enrolment
  • Brock Richardson (Co-Chair), Director, Student Services

STU Student Union (STUSU) Representatives

  • Alex Nguyen, President                                                           
  • Minahil Fatima, Vice President Administration                         
  • Julia Evans, VP Education                                                     
  • Anahi Alvarez, VP Student Life

University of New Brunswick

  • Sara Rothman, Senior Director, Academic Success
  • Angela Garnett, Senior Director, UNB Residence
  • Danielle Smith, Sustainability Co-ordinator
  • Des Dupuis, UNB Security Liaison
  • Don Allen, Director of Security & Traffic
  • Kathy Wilson, Associate VP Academic Learning

UNB Student Union (UNBSU) Representatives

  • Kordell Walsh, President                                                                                            
  • Isabella Hallihan, Vice President Finance & Operations         
  • Annie Sheehan, Vice President Communications                   
  • Ridhi Sharma, Vice President Student Wellness                    
  • Amanda Smith, Vice President Events and Services                
  • Rose Grant, Vice President Research and Policy                     
  • Jillian Carson, Vice President Academics

New Brunswick Community College

  • Ellen Woolaver, Dean
  • Ann Drennan, VP Academic

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design

  • Nolan, Carrie

Maritime College of Forest Technology

  • Tim Marshall, Executive Director
  • Sarah Weatherby, Instructor