Fredericton / City Hall / Elections 2021

A week in the life of a Fredericton City Councillor

A week in the life of a Fredericton City Councillor will provide would-be municipal politicians with a glimpse into the weekly schedule of a Fredericton City Councillor. Participants will gain insight and knowledge related to our municipal governance structure and City operations, as well as real life familiarity with the time commitments including scheduling and work-life balance, involved in a typical work week on City Council. 

This workshop is intended for all those curious about municipal government, especially anyone interested in running for Fredericton City Council.

Interested individuals must sign up in advance with a valid email address by sending an email to the City Clerks office by Friday, February 12 at 8:30am.  Applicants will then receive the proper documents needed in advance for the week ahead. 

Schedule:  A week in the life of Councillor

  • PAC Meeting – February 17, Wednesday (via zoom meeting)
  • Economic Vitality Standing Committee – February 18, Thursday @ noon (currently zoom meeting) Main topics will be a review of all Development activity from last year and Single Room Occupancy Discussion
  • Elections NB Presentation – February 22, Monday @ 6pm – Prior to Regular City Council Meeting (special Zoom meeting)  Explaining the election process and etc.
  • Regular City Council Meeting – February 22, Monday @ 7pm (livestreamed / translation services incl.) A time when public can voice their opinion about PAC matter that came out of Feb 17 PAC and first and second reading of the associated by-laws
  • Q&A with Retiring Councillors – TBD (special Zoom meeting)