Quality Management System

A Quality Management System is a structured approach to consistent service delivery, based on quality objectives, to satisfy customer requirements. The City of Fredericton first developed its Quality Management System in 1999, and has been operating within the principles of quality management since that time.

Part of the Quality Management System is

  • a focus on meeting customer requirements
  • a culture of continuous improvement
  • well-documented and well-managed processes
  • a focus on anticipating problems or correcting problems with service delivery as quickly as possible
  • measuring service performance related to efficiency, effectiveness, and quality
  • improving services based on an analysis of data/information collected
  • developing mutually beneficial supplier relationships to create value in service delivery.

The system also encompasses all the policies, procedures, records, technologies, resources, and structures around the 60+ services the municipal government delivers to the citizens of Fredericton.

For further information on the city’s Quality Management System, contact the Quality Management Coordinator