Climate Change Action

Working to reduce the impact of climate change while also preparing for the impacts.

Our History 

View our Climate Change Action timeline to learn more about the mitigation and adaptation measures the City has undertaken over the past two decades.

Current Initiatives 

Both Fredericton’s Corporate Energy & Emission Plan and Community Energy & Emissions Plan were completed in 2021; our Climate Change Adaptation Plan was completed in 2020. The City of Fredericton has set targets for future emissions: we are aiming to reduce corporate emissions by 30% by 2030 and 80% by 2050 from 2004 levels. At a community level our target is 80% reduction per capita by 2050 from 2000 levels.

Corporate emissions were recently calculated for City of Fredericton operations in 2020, showing a 31% reduction due in part to Covid-19 shutting down many municipal services for most of the year. Follow our social media pages for more information and opportunities for input. 

What You Can Do 

Following the actions laid out in the other six principles will have a positive impact on climate change. Follow recommendations in our Community Energy & Emissions Plan:

  • Renovate old buildings to be more energy efficient.
  • Replace old furnaces and hot water tanks with more energy efficient models.
  • Install solar panels for hot water, geo-exchange systems for heat, or other alternative energy systems.
  • Walk, bike or ride transit whenever possible.
  • Make sure your next vehicle is fuel efficient or get a hybrid or electric vehicle.
  • Shop locally as much as possible.
  • Choose products with minimal or reusable packaging.

You can also stay involved as we move forward with a Community Energy Plan, Climate Change Adaptation Plan and greenhouse gas reduction targets. Keep checking back for updates on these initiatives.