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Flood Mitigation and Resiliency

Our History

Building resilience to flooding is a key for priority the City of Fredericton. Flood resilience is an ongoing pursuit as we renew infrastructure, adapt to the increased flooding risk and impacts associated with climate change, and grow as a city. Our current flood resilience strategy focuses on four key areas that work together to reduce Fredericton’s flood risk and make our community more resilient:

  • Key transportation infrastructure flood mitigation
  • Municipal infrastructure flood mitigation
  • Building local watershed resilience
  • Property & neighbourhood level flood risk mitigation

Current Initiatives

With funding support through Infrastructure Canada’s Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund the City of Fredericton is able to put additional spending and effort into flood resilience projects in these four key areas until 2028.

What Can You Do

Learn how to be prepared for flooding and make an emergency plan for your family. Learn more about our flood resilience engagement and our broader commitment to Climate Change Adaptation.