Smart Growth

Planning for complete communities within our city.

Our History 

View our timeline to see how Fredericton’s community planning practices have evolved over time and embraced Smart Growth as a strategy that is good for community members and the environment.

Current Initiatives 

After extensive public consultation, the Fredericton Growth Strategy is now available, detailing community priorities and a future vision for the City’s form as we experience demographic shifts and population growth over the coming decades. A new Municipal Plan is being drafted that will provide more detail around the goal areas outlined in the Growth Strategy.

What You Can Do 

Think about your lifestyle and how it impacts the environment, including how you live and move around the city. Think about the things you would like to see in your community (both publicly and privately owned) to improve the environment and your quality of life and that of your family and neighbours. Take part in community meetings and provide input. Keep an eye on our website for new community plans and consultation processes.