A city’s history is a vital part of a city’s present character. The historic streetscapes and preserved heritage areas tell fascinating stories of a city’s past. So maintaining modern-day expressions of a city’s past is of critical importance.

The City of Fredericton is steeped in a particularly rich and fascinating history, a history that’s on display for every citizen to see and enjoy. Fredericton contains one of only three National Historic Districts in New Brunswick (Historic Marysville) and administers a local preservation area (the St. Anne's Point Heritage Preservation Area). This neighbourhood, just east of downtown, was so designated because of the distinctive character of its buildings and streetscapes, which collectively illustrate the evolution of a neighbourhood over some 150 years.

Fredericton protects its built heritage through the Preservation By-Law (By-law L-4). Through this by-law, exterior alteration, including demolition, requires a Certificate of Appropriateness prior to issuance of a building permit. The by-law is administered by the Preservation Review Board, which is charged with reviewing applications to determine if the proposed projects are compatible with the neighbourhood and is in keeping with the by-law.