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Fire education is, above all, about fire prevention. When you request a general fire safety education session, you arm yourself and your team with the information you need to both prevent fires in the first place, and how to react if you do happen to experience a fire.

The Prevention & Investigation Division delivers fire safety education to at risk groups within our community.

Virtual Tour

Welcome to our Virtual Tour of Fire Station #2, one of two Fire Stations located on the Northside of Fredericton. Click the video below to take the tour! You can click on the bottom right of the video to view it in fullscreen. Please view the tour using Google Chrome.

Throughout the tour, you will see links to additional informational videos.  Click on these links to meet a few of our firefighters. You can also learn about different areas of the station, and about our firefighting equipment. During the tour, you will also be able to click on links to virtual tours of our training tower, and our 911 communications centre. Once you have selected a link, you will have the choice of viewing the video in French by selecting the green circle or English by selecting the blue circle.

When you are finished the Virtual Tours, make sure you return to the beginning of the Fire Station #2 tour and click on the yellow circle above Sparky to try our knowledge check. Complete the knowledge check successfully and you will receive your own personalized certificate.

Enjoy your tour and keep an eye out for Sparky the dog. Be sure to count how many times you can spot him throughout the Fire Station. The answer will be hidden on the top floor of the training tower.

In person tours are temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.

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Youth Firesetters Program

For most children, fire play is the result of a normal curiosity about fire. For some, however, fire play is a symptom of other, more serious problems. In an effort to promote and foster appropriate fire safety awareness, attitudes, and behaviours in our young people, the Fire Department operates the Youth Firesetter Program.

This program helps determine why a particular child is involved in fire setting and, depending upon the assessment, provides for the appropriate treatment and follow-up. The goals of the Youth Firesetter Program are:

  • to help reduce the number of fires, injuries and loss of life and property that is caused by youth fire setters
  • to use assessment to distinguish between fire setters who exhibit a normal curiosity about fire and those who may have a more serious mental health problem
  • to use education as the number one tool to help reduce youth fire setting
  • to ensure that all children in the program receive fire safety education
  • to refer children who need help to mental health professionals for treatment.

If you know a youth who might be at risk, please contact the Fire Prevention and Investigation Division at 506-460-2020

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