Fredericton / Fire department

Fire Department Services

The Fire Department’s main, and most visible, responsibilities are suppressing fires and fire investigation. Fire safety training aside, these two tasks define the department’s commitment to the city, and all citizens.

Fire Suppression

The Suppression & Operations Division of the Fire Department is responsible for maintaining equipment, training staff and responding to fire emergencies. Responsibilities include the maintenance of stations and equipment necessary to provide effective and efficient fire suppression services.

Related responsibilities and services include the following:

  • Under contract with the Province of New Brunswick, the Fredericton Fire Department provides one of the province’s "Regional HazMat Heavy Teams". This regional team covers an area of roughly two thirds of the Province.
  • Medical emergency response is provided as a first responder service, and to assist Ambulance New Brunswick’s Paramedics in providing timely response to medical emergencies.
  • Some of the department's equipment is equipped with the “Jaws of Life”, which are used in the extrication of people trapped in vehicles after accidents.
  • Ice and water rescue services are provided to respond to water-related emergencies and incidents. The Fire Department also participates in a joint marine unit with the Fredericton Police Force.

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Fire Investigation

The Prevention & Investigation Division of the Fire Department has responsibilities that include effective fire investigation to determine the origin and cause of a fire, which assists in directing future building and fire code development. These investigations also help in the determination of product recalls. As the field of fire suppression evolves, our investigators continually attend courses and training programs to keep up to date with the "continued education" requirements of the investigator’s certification.

Fires of a suspicious nature require that the police become involved. The fire investigator then works with the appropriate police agency. The departments Fire Investigation Division works with both the Fredericton Police Force and many other policing and government agencies.

Prevention and Investigations other duties also include effective fire and life safety inspections, complaints, venue inspections and public education.

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