Fredericton / Fire department

Fire Permits

Fireworks of any type are not permitted to be set off in the City without a permit. One of the requirements for a permit is that a licensed Display Technician be responsible for the firing of the fireworks. For more information, or to acquire a permit, contact Fire Prevention at (506) 460-2020

Outdoor Fireplace Permit
Outdoor fireplaces and incinerators come with an obvious degree of risk, and therefore require a special permit. Before purchasing one, consult the information below or contact the Fire Prevention Division for permit and by-law information controlling the use of these appliances. If you meet the by-law requirements, you still require a permit to install either an outdoor fireplace or outdoor incinerator.

Application can be made by using the form below. A member of the Fire Department will contact the applicant to facilitate the permit process.

Note: Permits are only granted to property owners and not to tenants. The Fire Department will require a written letter from the property owner granting permission to tenants or the permit will not be issued.

Note: People residing outside Fredericton City limits do not require a permit from the City of Fredericton. Those people must follow the provincial rules on the Forest Fire Watch (GNB) webpage.

An approved incinerator is a non-combustible container covered with one-quarter inch (6mm) steel wire mesh. This container shall be located at least ten feet (3m) from any combustible material.

This clearance requirement includes outdoor fireplaces unless they are approved for a lesser clearance by a recognized testing agency such as CSA, ULC or Warnock Hersey. Such appliances will have a plate affixed to the unit, or a user's manual, which specifies clearance requirements. Only dry seasoned wood maybe burned in the incinerator.

  1. To ensure burning conditions are acceptable, call (506) 444-5445 to check DNR regulations which the City follows with respect to whether burning is permitted.
  2. This department reserves the right to inspect all barrels/fire pits/outdoor fireplaces prior to a permit being issued.
  3. No material such as oil, rubber tires, styrofoam, chemicals, ashphalt shingles, leaves, plastics, glue, thinners etc may be used as a starter for burning.
  4. Complaints received by this department regarding excess smoke, may result in a demand that you extinguish the fire.
  5. The permit holder must completely extinguish any smouldering fire after burning is done.