Youth Firesetters Program

For most children, fire play is the result of a normal curiosity about fire. For some, however, fire play is a symptom of other, more serious problems. In an effort to promote and foster appropriate fire safety awareness, attitudes, and behaviours in our young people, the fire department operates the Youth Firesetter Program.

This program helps determine why a particular child is involved in fire setting and, depending upon the assessment, provides for the appropriate treatment and follow-up. The goals of the Youth Firesetter Program are:

  • to help reduce the number of fires, injuries and loss of life and property that is caused by youth fire setters
  • to use assessment to distinguish between fire setters who exhibit a normal curiosity about fire and those who may have a more serious mental health problem
  • to use education as the number one tool to help reduce youth fire setting
  • to ensure that all children in the program receive fire safety education
  • to refer children who need help to mental health professionals for treatment.