Facilities and Apparatus

The equipment and facilities that the Fredericton Fire Department maintains is extensive, and includes the following:

Station #1

Located on York St. on the City's South side, this station houses the department’s main offices, the Fire Prevention and Investigation Division, as well as a rescue, quint (pumper/ladder), rescue boat and back-up pumper.

Station #2

Located on the North side, the Two Nations Crossing station houses a quint (pumper/ladder), two tankers, HazMat equipment and trailer, and a spare tower ladder.

Station #3

On Kimble Drive, on the South side, this station houses a pumper, tanker.

Station #4

Located on the Royal Road, North side, this station houses a pumper/tanker.

Training Facility

The City of Fredericton also operates one of the most advanced firefighting and public safety training facilities in Eastern Canada.  Visit the Training Facility web page for more information.