About the Fredericton Police Force

To serve and protect. That is the fundamental goal of any police department, and it’s certainly the philosophy and mandate that guides the Fredericton Police Force. In its effort to actively keep Frederictonians safe, the Police Force operates many diverse, distinct groups of officers. Together, these groups send two bold messages: this city should never be considered a safe place to commit a crime; and Fredericton residents should feel safe and protected in their own city.

Primary Response Team

The men and women assigned to this team are first responders to the majority of complaints or calls for service. They provide routine, around-the-clock patrol coverage as well as being the first line of defense against crime, disorder and disobedience. These officers work in partnership with the other divisions to meet the needs of our community.

This is the largest division within the Fredericton Police Force, and is divided into the Priority Response and Alternate Response Team.

Priority Response responds to the most urgent calls for service, 9-1-1 calls, and incidents or crimes in progress. Alternate Response typically responds to non-urgent calls for service, where there are often no suspects or witnesses, and some time delay.

As a whole, the Primary Response Team are made up the uniformed men and women you see most on a daily basis around the city, but also include several special teams.

Special Teams

Under the umbrella of Operational Support, there are several Special Teams and Units, including:

  • Underwater Recovery Team
  • Joint Public Safety Marine Unit
  • Crowd Management Team
  • Explosives Disposal Unit
  • Accident Reconstruction Team
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Tactical Emergency Medical Support

Major Crime Team

The Major Crime Team has the responsibility to assure that all crime reported in the City of Fredericton is investigated professionally and competently and that all victims of crime are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

Investigative responsibilities of the Major Crime Team include homicide, robbery, Internet crimes, fraud, arson, firearms offences, break and enter, threats against the person, sexual and physical assault, criminal harassment, and all types of theft and serious motor vehicle accidents.

The effectiveness of a police force can be, and often is, judged by its ability to investigate crime, apprehend offenders, and provide justice for the victims and their families. The successful investigation and prosecution of criminals is a major factor in the low crime rate enjoyed by the City of Fredericton.

Neighbourhood Action Team

The Neighbourhood Action Team (NAT) is a dynamic, vibrant, responsive, and accountable team of uniformed officers, plain-clothes detectives, civilian employees, and community volunteers. This team is committed to working with others to address current and evolving public safety needs by engaging members and partners through ongoing communication, education and evaluation.

The NAT provides a distinct enhancement to the existing police service delivery model in Fredericton. NAT members and satellite offices are over and above the Patrol Response Platoon officers who will still be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, as well as Major Crime Detectives and other specialized services.

Operations & Information

This division provides clerical support to the entire Force and is responsible for supporting all software applications, upgrades, investigating new software products, and training on these applications.