Crime Prevention & Harm Reduction

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to law enforcement. In an effort to prevent crime and maintain safety for all citizens, the Police Force operates a School Safety Program and various Business and Community training programs.

School Safety Program

This program is designed for primary and middle school students, and provides opportunity for student interaction with the police. Discussion topics range from Internet safety, drug awareness and sharps, to bullies, literacy and Block Parent programs, to name a few. Officers promote participation in these interactive presentations by utilizing scenarios, props, and even music.

Safety programs aimed at children in daycare facilities, after school programs, and youth groups are also available.

Business and Community Programs

The Police Force offers various crime prevention seminars to business and community groups, including presentations on fraud, crime prevention through environmental design, shoplifting, and many more. The program’s Robbery Prevention Program is an interactive presentation specifically designed for each business, and it examines store policy, legal issues, product placement, theft prevention, apprehension, weapons and much more.

Community Programs include safety talks regarding impaired driving awareness (assisted by the Fatal Vision Goggles), personal safety, snowmobile safety, water and boat safety, Neighbourhood Watch and Block Parent programs, and more.

For more information on crime prevention programs, and to arrange a session, please contact the Fredericton Police Force.