Traffic Safety

The Fredericton Police Force Traffic Safety Section would like to remind motorists on the importance of traffic safety, in particular, traffic control signals:

Traffic Control Signals

Traffic control signals exhibiting green, amber and red lights or green arrow lights indicate the following:

Red Light

You must bring your vehicle to a stop at a clearly marked stop line or, if none, before entering the nearest crosswalk or, if none, before entering the intersection. Unless a sign indicates otherwise, a right turn may be made on a red light provided the vehicle is first brought to a full stop and subject always to the right of way of pedestrians and other traffic.

Red Flasher Light

Means stop – a complete, dead stop. After stopping, proceed only when the way is clear.

Green Light

Motorists and pedestrians may proceed unless a specific pedestrian light is in operation.

Yellow or Amber Light

Caution - Red light coming up. If too close to stop safely or you have already entered the intersection, proceed with caution.

Yellow or Amber Flasher Light

Means slow down – be extra careful of intersecting traffic, whether you have right of way or not. Proceed with caution.

Over the coming weeks, the

Fredericton Police Force Traffic Safety Section will be conducting random traffic control signal enforcement throughout the city of Fredericton. Those motorists found not to be in compliance with traffic control signals will be issued a $172.50 fine for disobeying a traffic control signal.