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Officers' Square has a rich and ever-changing history.

There has been much written about the fence around Officers’ Square.

Early conceptual design of rain covered stage.

Frederictonians have gathered in Officers’ Square for more than two centuries, but it hasn’t always looked the same. The site has witnessed many changes over the years.

Paving over Officers’ Square and turning it into a parking lot? Is that what’s being proposed?  Not really. Today’s blog looks at hard and soft surfaces.

We all love Officers’ Square. It is Fredericton’s great public space. 

Part of the conversation about the fut

Officers' Square is in significant need of repair, which is one of the main reasons the City took over the square in August of 2016.

Officers' Square is a public space like few others. It is a gathering place, a cultural space, a retreat, and an important heritage site.

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