2019 Intercultural Awards Recipients Honoured at City Council

Fredericton, NB (November 26, 2019) – The Intercultural Award recognizes an individual, group or business that has demonstrated a sustained commitment and effort to enhance Fredericton’s cultural diversity and inclusiveness. This includes promoting cultural diversity and awareness, building skills and knowledge of newcomers to allow them to participate fully in our community, and encouraging involvement of newcomers in sports, the arts, and other community programs to create a sense of belonging.

This year both an individual and an organization have been recognized with Intercultural Awards.

The individual recognized with one of this year’s Intercultural Awards is Yusuf Mohamed Shire, a staff member and cultural broker at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF), a graduate of the NB Skills Launch program, and a person who contributes a lot of his time and effort to numerous initiatives to promote intercultural awareness and understanding, not only of the African community in Fredericton, but of all immigrant communities in the city. Yusuf co-ordinates the MCAF immigrant catering group which provides newcomers with Canadian professional experience and skills in the food service industry, and he is also the bridge for many recently arrived persons to find and enjoy opportunities to integrate into the community, as well as a role model for young African immigrants to look up to.

The group recognized with the second Intercultural Award for 2019 is Civic Tech Fredericton, a local grass-roots group that forms part of a nation-wide network of Civic Tech communities whose objective is “to enable governments to deliver better digital public services and empower communities to solve civic challenges using technology and design.” The members of Civic Tech Fredericton are all volunteers from the city’s Information/Technology community and they meet once a week to develop technical solutions to social issues brought forth by non-profit organizations. This group is receiving an Intercultural Award because many of their volunteers are new Canadians from all corners of the world, and for many of them Civic Tech Fredericton has provided a welcoming space to make connections with the community, and in some cases, it has helped them find employment.

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Media Contact:  Wayne Knorr, APR, Communications Manager, City of Fredericton, 506-460-2181, wayne.knorr@fredericton.ca.