All-Wheel Sport Plaza final design receives rave reviews

Construction to begin this summer

The final design for an exciting, destination-level downtown all-wheel sport plaza was presented to the public at City Council on June 1, 2020.

The new Plaza, which will be located behind the Armories adjacent to the City’s York Street Carpark, complements the dynamic of the College of Craft and Design, the Fredericton Public Library, Officers' Square, and the Historic Garrison District. It will be wheelchair accessible and feature a public art installation as per the City’s 1% Public Art Policy.

"The design that won over the hearts of user groups and stakeholders is by New Line Skateparks," said Henri Mallet, Councillor for Ward 12 and Community Services Committee Chair. "It's apparent that they're the top designers in the business. They've consistently met the project objectives, and have created one of the coolest sports plazas in Atlantic Canada."

The project objective is to create an exciting, centrally-located, downtown destination level all-wheel sport plaza with the capacity to draw skateboarders, bikers, and scooter enthusiasts from the region. The Plaza will serve users of several age groups and abilities, contribute to the vibrancy of our downtown, and complement the recreation and cultural programming envisioned for the Historic Garrison District. 

"We can't wait to see this design spring to life and enjoy it," said Chris Griffiths of Skateboard Fredericton. "It's going to be a big draw for Frederictonians and those in the region. Where else in New Brunswick are you going to find a skatepark of this caliber, in an urban core, around so many amenities? It's going to be awesome!"

The project design was guided by user groups. The overall plan was informed by the Recreation Master Plan, Municipal Plan, Fredericton Growth Strategy, By-law No L8 Respecting Parklands, the Trails/Bikeways Master Plan, and City Centre Plan.

Fencing will separate the Plaza from St. Anne’s Point Boulevard. A sidewalk will be established linking the City Hall area to Carleton Street, and for public safety will remain visible from main roads, walkways, and public buildings.

The York Street Carpark was reconfigured in the summer of 2019 to replace all lost parking spaces resulting from the construction of the All-Wheel Sports Plaza. In fact, there will be ten new parking spaces overall. The design will also improve traffic flow in the parking lot.

Construction will begin this summer and is expected to be completed in the fall. The overall project budget is $1.7M, which included the expansion of the parking lot.