BOOST Prototype Camp held to co-create a made-in-Fredericton solution impacting emergency services

Fredericton Innovation Partnership and Rogers collaborate to fuel 5G innovation designed for Canadian communities

As the first 5G City in Atlantic Canada – powered by Rogers 5G, the City of Fredericton, together with its Fredericton Innovation Partnership stakeholders, presented its second BOOST smart city innovation camp from March 24-25th.  The event was a continuation of the 2021 ideation camp – focused on prototyping the winning idea to solve ubiquitous challenges impacting first responders globally. 

Through the City’s Boost Fredericton civic innovation lab, preliminary research was conducted, and emergency services stakeholders (City of Fredericton Fire, Police and 911) were engaged to provide critical validation regarding the 2021 prototype idea and envisioned solution.

“Real-time situational awareness is a critical element of Fredericton’s Fire Accountability Program and the need to precisely pin-point our responders during an emergency situation like in a burning, multi-level building” said Fire Chief Dwayne Killingback.  “We were pleased to collaborate with our Boost Fredericton civic innovation lab, Rogers, UNB, NBCC and Ignite to work towards solving this challenge.”

"We're proud to continue our work with the Fredericton Innovation Partnership, leveraging the Rogers 5G network to support Fredericton's new and transformational 5G technology,” said Tess Van Thielen, Vice President, Advanced Services. “These innovative solutions have lasting impact on local communities, with local co-creation and collaboration critical to their success.”

What is BOOST? These bi-annually alternating ideation and prototyping camps offer a unique opportunity for community co-creation to devise innovative solutions to address Fredericton’s real municipal challenges.

This year’s prototyping event targeted User Experience designers, programmers, systems engineers, and fearless innovators to help design a ‘made-in-Fredericton’ solution – using Rogers 5G Create Lab design methodology.  Participants were guided through two exciting days of design thinking, rapid prototyping and rapid validation exercises.

The winning team, “The 5G Birds” included Nicholas Balcomb, Ahmed Shaltout, Priscilla Nguyen, Ryan Feener, and Sara Moharrum. The team's winning design “Emergency Service Drones” proposes leveraging 5G capabilities and drone technology to increase situational awareness for first responders. The design would use live video capturing and artificial intelligence to make predictions that could enable first responders to make better-informed decisions before arriving on-scene.

About Rogers 5G & Create Lab

Creating 5G innovative solutions for Canadian communities and businesses

Expected to be the most transformative technology since wireless services were introduced in 1985, 5G will deliver real-time connectivity leading to a truly digitally connected world. Over time, 5G will introduce new capabilities that are significantly more advanced than previous generations of wireless technology. With ultra-low latency, the lag between sending a request and the network responding will theoretically drop to one millisecond, 400 times faster than the blink of an eye. This will allow for a massive increase in the number of connected devices and a range of capabilities and applications that require quick responsiveness. From network slicing to give first responders a dedicated network, to wireless sensors that monitor farmers’ soil conditions saving them time and money, to using virtual reality that enhances the retail customer experience, to on-the-go multiplayer lag-free gaming - 5G will deliver a world of possibilities.

About Boost Fredericton Civic Innovation Lab

The City of Fredericton is proud to be an early adopter of new technologies and edge applications.  That is why we are giving entrepreneurs and post-secondary education students a BOOST by providing real municipal challenges to solve, and the opportunity to co-create test solutions in our living lab environment.  We are also powering ideas through digital infrastructure like our LoRaWAN (IoT sensor network), open data portal and most recently Rogers 5G!

Fredericton Innovation Partnership:  

Working towards a collective vision of becoming ‘Atlantic Canada’s 5G Centre of Innovation’, stakeholders include the City of Fredericton (Boost Fredericton); Ignite; the University of New Brunswick’s Technology Management & Entrepreneurship program, and New Brunswick Community College.