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City Closes Garrison Skate Park for Next Five Days

The Garrison Skate Park downtown is closed for the next five days because many users are not following COVID-19 safety protocols.

Due to a lack of compliance with current COVID-19 regulations set in place by the Department of Public Health and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the City of Fredericton is temporarily closing its popular new park to send a message to users. The closure starts Wednesday, April 28th.

“It’s not something we want to do, because the park has been such a raging success, but it’s important everyone understands the seriousness of the issue, especially before we see warmer weather and more users on site.  Adherence to the Province’s mandatory order is not optional,” said David Seabrook, the City’s Director of Recreation, Tourism and Community Engagement.

The City said too many users weren’t social distancing or wearing masks. Parks users and observers must wear masks, when not active in the park.

This is a proactive measure to ensure compliance by park users. There have been no known COVID-19 exposures at the park and the decision is not related to recent COVID-19 exposures in the community.

The popular park will be closed for five days and reopen on Monday, May 3, 2021, COVID conditions permitting.

City Parks and Trees department staff will install a temporary fence enclosure around the perimeter of the Park during the closure.  Once the park reopens, the City will establish a skate park supervisor on site during peak hours to help users understand park rules and adhere to current COVID-19 regulations, which includes a limit on the total number of users allowed onsite. 

“If everyone cooperates and follows the rules, we’re going to have a great summer at the Garrison Skate Park,” said Seabrook.

For more information on the Garrison Skate Park visit the City’s website at