City Encourages Backyard Gardening as Part of ‘People Helping People’ Initiative

The City of Fredericton has introduced a new educational initiative to teach residents basic skills to start and maintain their own backyard gardens. Throughout the upcoming growing season, the City will film and share short videos providing beginner gardening tips. The videos will be released every few weeks to coincide with seasonal gardening tasks. See the videos, as well as additional gardening resources and guides by visiting the City’s People Helping People webpage at

With physical distancing measures still in effect, this educational initiative is meant to provide resources on an activity that can be done from home and has been shown to often have a positive impact on mental and physical well-being.

The City also encourages backyard and community gardens as they increase social interaction (even from a distance), they increase local food security, decrease plastic waste, and decrease our local greenhouse gas emissions. Each of these benefits increase with the number of people who get involved.