City Launches Plan to Reduce Energy Consumption

Community and Energy Emissions Plan aims to cut corporate and community contributions to climate change

The City of Fredericton is investing in a strategic plan to guide efforts in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the City and in our community. With financial support from the Provincial Environmental Trust Fund and the City of Fredericton, work has begun on the Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP).

The CEEP will help find ways to reduce the amount of electricity and natural gas we use in our homes and workplaces, fuel we use in our cars, and waste from the products we buy.

“This plan is an important step towards defining the City’s future goals and actions around climate change,” said Coun. Stephen Chase, Chair of the City’s Public Safety & Environment Committee. “I look forward to the outcome of this plan and integrating more energy reducing strategies into our policies and practices here at the City.”

The CEEP, which is being prepared by Stantec Consulting, will engage local energy and climate change sector stakeholders in community consultations in the coming weeks. Details and information on how the public can provide input through online engagement will be released soon.

The Community Energy and Emissions Plan follows the release of the City’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan in March 2020 that provides recommendations for the City to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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About the Plan

The CEEP, being prepared by Stantec Consulting, will measure current energy use and emissions from all residential, commercial, and institutional sources and offer recommendations, solutions, and goal setting targets on how to reduce overall consumption between now and 2050.  Focus will be on specific actions that we can take now, and over the next ten years.

The plan will also explore the other benefits of working towards a green energy future including reducing energy costs for residents and businesses, reducing vulnerability to energy markets and reliance on fossil fuels, and creating local economic development opportunities in energy efficiency and green energy. All which support Fredericton’s long-term goals of becoming a more sustainable and complete community as outlined in the Municipal Plan

Where We Are Now

The first step in creating the CEEP was to create an energy and emissions inventory to help understand how much energy is currently being consumed in the community, and the emissions resulting from those activities. 

The City’s 2019 inventory shows that residents and businesses consumed over 8.4 million Gigajoules of energy – mostly in the form of natural gas, heating oil, electricity, gasoline and diesel fuel. This led to a total of 582,000 tonnes of carbon emissions (tCO2e), or about 9 tonnes per person. Since 2000, Fredericton has maintained steady GHG emission levels while the population in the City has grown by 33%. On a per capita basis, this means GHG emissions have been reduced by 34%, or 3 tonnes per person. 

Where We Are Going

The City is committed to reducing our community’s contribution to climate change and will evaluate corporate energy and emissions with its own Corporate Energy and Emissions Plan this fall to determine actions we can take within our own activities to reduce energy consumption and emissions across municipal operations.

Actions and targets will be finalized by the fall and presented to City Council in early 2021. 

The Community and Corporate Energy and Emissions plans are partially funded through the provincial Environmental Trust Fund Grant. Fredericton City Council recently approved the use of the $50,000 grant for the plans.