City Moving Forward with Climate Action Plans

The City of Fredericton is moving forward on its Climate Change Adaptation Plan, a five-year strategy aimed at reducing risks relating to climate change, after final public consultation on the draft action items.

The City of Fredericton Climate Change Adaptation Plan focuses on City-led actions, including changes to infrastructure, asset management, operations and service delivery. These actions are intended to mitigate risks for the community as we experience climate changes and more frequent and extreme weather events. Further measures investigate larger-scale changes that will go beyond the five-year strategy.

Draft action items for the Plan were developed over the past months after extensive consultation with staff, stakeholders and the public. These groups were presented with science-based future climate change projections for the Fredericton area and asked to identify potential impacts that could occur from those changes. A City and stakeholder-led Climate Change Adaptation Committee conducted vulnerability and risk assessments on the possible effects to determine which to address over the next five years.

Edits to the draft actions will be made based on feedback heard at Wednesday’s consultation. The Plan, which will be presented to City Council as soon as March, has identified the following six actions areas:

  • Maintaining Health and Safety
  • Minimizing Risk to Buildings and Properties
  • Strengthening Resilience of Core Municipal Infrastructure
  • Minimizing Damage to Parks, Trees and Natural Spaces & Features
  • Minimizing Disruption to Municipal Services and Programs Offered
  • Creating Partnerships and Empowering the Community

The Plan follows the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Canada’s Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities framework. ICLEI Canada is a partner in the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) Canada’s Showcase Cities Pilot. In 2019, Fredericton and 24 other Canadian municipalities demonstrating strong environmental leadership were selected for the Showcase Cities Pilot.

When the Plan is complete, the City of Fredericton will achieve ICLEI and GCoM standards relating to adaptation planning and receive milestone and certification badges through these organizations. 

Throughout 2020, the City will continue working with ICLEI, Federation of Municipalities and GCoM. The goal is to complete a Community Energy Plan and set new greenhouse gas reduction targets to meet GCoM standards on climate change mitigation.

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