City receives final management plans for Odell and Killarney Lake Parks

Plans balance ecology and human use; calls for partnership development

The City of Fredericton has received the final management plans for Odell and Killarney Lake Parks. The plans, which were developed through a robust public consultation process, allow for balanced decision-making around ecology and human use, signage installation, and call for partnership development with user groups and ecologists. 

The final Plans were presented to the City's Community Services Committee and will now proceed to the next Regular City Council meeting for formal adoption. 

The final Plan drafts were originally presented to City Council in February 2020. At that time, staff was directed to receive final public comments and report back. The feedback received on Odell Park focused on single-track trails, asphalt, as well as access and equity. Killarney Lake Park feedback focused on access and equity, ski trail mapping, and single-track trails.

Feedback resulted in clarifications and changes that improve the Plans. As part of the implementation, the next steps are:

  • develop partnerships with user groups to plan Killarney Lake ski, bike, and disc golf projects;
  • develop partnerships with ecologists to help restore significant habitats; and, 
  • install signage that improves wayfinding, information, and education in both parks.

The management plans are designed to complement one another, ensure that established recreation continues to thrive at the appropriate scale, and for new activities to be located thoughtfully. 

Each plan identifies traditional and adaptive approaches, short and long-term objectives, a guiding strategy, and includes management zones to help identify ecological features and balance recreational activities.

Both management plans are guided by the Municipal Plan, Fredericton Growth Strategy, Recreation Master Plan, By-law No. L-8, A By-law Respecting Parklands, and the 2016 Active Transportation Connection Plan. 

These are the last two park management plans in a series of six significant planning projects undertaken in the past four years. The six plans include Odell and Killarney Lake regional parks, Carlton and Wilmot municipal parks, and Lian/Valcour and High Point Ridge neighbourhood parks.

For more information, view the park management plans at