City receives provincial funding to complete a municipal Climate Change Adaptation Plan

New funding will help the City of Fredericton address the risks of a changing climate.

The Province of New Brunswick’s Environmental Trust Fund is providing $38,000 to help the City finalize a municipal Climate Change Adaptation Plan. Funding will help update and complete a draft plan that was created over the past several years.

“The City of Fredericton’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan will be a framework and strategy to respond

to the risks and vulnerabilities our community faces in a changing climate,” said Coun. Stephen Chase, Chair of the Public Safety and Environment Committee. “It will result in an action plan to minimize the identified risks and vulnerabilities while making our community stronger and more resilient to the impacts of climate change.”

The plan is being guided by the City’s understanding that climate change is a threat to our community. The City is aware that without action, there will be significant impacts to City infrastructure, operations and service levels over the coming decades. Analyzing the current climate change projections for our region will provide an opportunity to think about the potential impacts, how to address them and how to prioritize them.

The City of Fredericton is assembling a Climate Change Adaptation Committee to oversee the drafting of the plan. The committee will be made up of staff members from each City department, representatives from the province’s Climate Change Secretariat, researchers and other stakeholders. Throughout the process of creating the plan there will be opportunities for the public to express their opinions. The City expects to hold online and in-person engagement activities during the fall and early winter to receive feedback on potential impacts identified by the adaptation team, identify additional impacts, and suggest actions to minimize impacts and build a more climate resilient city.

The primary focus of the Adaptation Plan will be on municipal infrastructure, assets, operations and maintaining levels of service. Secondarily, the plan will explore community-driven adaptation actions and the City of Fredericton’s role.