City Seeks Volunteers for Tree Commission

The City of Fredericton is looking for interested city residents to fill a vacancy on the Fredericton Tree Commission.

The Commission is appointed by and responsible to the Council of the City of Fredericton.  The Commission is dedicated to the enhancement, protection, and promotion of Fredericton’s urban forest. 

The Commission will act as a steward for the urban forest and provide advice and recommendations to City Council regarding issues related to the urban forest; act as a resource for City staff, monitor trends and forecast future impacts on tree health and urban forest sustainability; provide input on urban forest issues through the City’s Municipal Plan processes; and evaluate and assist with the development of municipal policies, by-laws and activities related to the urban forest, pursuant to City  By-law No. L-7, A By-law Respecting the Fredericton Tree Commission.

The Commission consists of nine members, including one member of City Council, appointed for three-year terms, subject to reappointment.  There are four regular meetings per year with additional meetings as the need arises. These are volunteer positions, and as such, no remuneration is provided.

Anyone interested in serving on the Fredericton Tree Commission is asked to submit a letter and brief résumé, demonstrating their qualifications and experience, to the undersigned on or before Friday, February 26, 2021:

Office of the City Clerk
City Hall
397 Queen Street
Fredericton, N.B. E3B 1B5
Fax:  460-2905