City seeks volunteers to serve on new Anti-Racism Task Force

The City of Fredericton is looking for interested city residents willing to volunteer on the municipality’s new Anti-Racism Task Force.

In the quest to help transition Fredericton into an anti-racist City that intentionally addresses racism in all its forms, the Fredericton Anti-Racism Task Force will work to combat systemic racism and racial discrimination, as it helps the City fulfill its goal of achieving a fully diverse, inclusive and equitable society.

The Task Force will: bridge and promote a stronger more positive understanding and representation of the City’s racialized and First Nation communities; center the experiences of residents who have experienced discrimination based on their race, ethnicity, culture or religion; and, oversee and co‑ordinate the work needed to generate recommendations to City Council to address systemic racism in our city. 

The members of the Task Force should broadly reflect the following characteristics:

  • Knowledge and understanding of systemic‑racism,
  • Experience working on anti-racism issues,
  • Activism in the community on racial justice, anti-racism, and/or equity issues,
  • Commitment and accountability to a collective process,
  • Skills in listening, analysing, and learning, and
  • Ability to work in a team through consensual decision-making.

The Task Force will consist of fifteen members: eleven of these members will be appointed directly by local organizations representing communities that experience racism and discrimination, and four members will be selected from a pool of candidates obtained through a public call. The eleven appointed members will select the final four members from the pool of candidates generated from this public call. Once convened, the Task Force will report to the Fredericton City Council.

The frequency and content of meetings and the duration of the Task Force will be determined by its members once they are convened. Whether the Task Force continues or concludes its operations, it will have one seat on the future Fredericton Social Inclusion Committee—to be created in late 2022—in order to represent the anti-racism perspective on that advisory committee of City Council that will seek to combat the exclusion of a wider range of marginalized groups..

The Task Force seeks a diversity of experiences, backgrounds and ages, so Indigenous persons, newcomers and longer-time immigrants to Fredericton, and persons with intersecting identities (those who identify with more than one group or experience) and who feel that they can contribute to the goals of achieving a more racially just community are encouraged to apply.

These are volunteer positions, and as such, no remuneration is provided.

Anyone interested in serving on the Anti-Racism Task Force is asked to submit a letter indicating why they would like to be on the Task Force and what they can contribute to its purpose, along with a brief résumé demonstrating their suitability to do this work, to the undersigned on or before 4:30 p.m. on Friday, January 14, 2022.


Office of the City Clerk

397 Queen Street (City Hall)

Fredericton, NB E3B 1B5