City Statement on the Archaeology of Officers’ Square

The Province of New Brunswick is the regulatory agency responsible for archaeology.  The City has every intention of demonstrating appropriate care and attention to the archaeology of the site by meeting all of the requirements set out by provincial legislation.  For several years, the City has been in contact with provincial authorities regarding archaeological surveys required for the Officers Square project. 

Additionally, the City presented the Officers’ Square plan at the invitation of the Province to the Maliseet Advisory Committee on Archaeology on November 24, 2016.  At that time, no concerns were raised by the Advisory Committee about the Officers Square project. 

In fact, the City has already gone to extraordinary measures to understand the potentially precious archaeology of Officers’ Square.  The City has participated in two ground penetrating radar GPR surveys of the Square to pre-identify any areas of particular concern or interest which would cause the City to more deeply investigate the archaeology of the site.  One of those surveys was conducted by the University of New Brunswick and the other was conducted by the Province of New Brunswick’s own experts.

The City has demonstrated a pro-active approach to archaeology since project initiation.  The City has had an archaeologist on-site since the adjacent roadwork began and will remain on-site for the duration of the project.  It continues to be the intention of the City to meet or exceed the requirements of the provincial archaeology legislation.  With respect to archaeology, the City has gone at least as far, and perhaps further than similar work which has been recently undertaken in the Barracks Square area of the same historic site that was conducted by the Province of the New Brunswick.

Officers' Square - Garrison District Master Plan