Commemorative light installation to celebrate high school graduates of 2021 

The City of Fredericton has created a commemorative light installation at the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge to celebrate the high school graduates of 2021, which will run from June 4-27, 2021.

Given that graduation and prom events have been impacted due to COVID-19, the City of Fredericton will light up both ends of the Bill Thorpe Walking bridge as a special tribute to the achievements of the high school graduates of Fredericton High, Leo Hayes, the Fredericton Christian Academy and École Sainte Anne.

Graduates are encouraged to take photos in their prom formal attire, graduation gowns or outfit of choice, and upload their photos to Instagram using the hashtag #FredGrad2021. 

Parents, students and the public are reminded of social distancing regulations in compliance with New Brunswick’s yellow phase of COVID-19 recovery, and to limit group photos to their bubbles. 

Please be advised: From June 20-27, the public is asked to exercise courtesy to the high school students who will be frequenting the bridge in the evening to take photographs in prom attire.

For the duration of the summer, the City of Fredericton will leave the light installation up for the public’s enjoyment.  The lights will be repurposed for future tourism-related festivals and events like FROSTival.