Community and public safety cameras to be installed around the city

The City of Fredericton and the Fredericton Police Force, in partnership with community business partners, are launching a project which will see new community and public safety cameras installed around the city. Installation took place over the past few weeks.

The initiative involves replacing existing city-owned, end of life community web camera infrastructure with an integrated camera system that serves multiple internal and external uses. The goal is to support a safe, inclusive, and inviting community with a public safety lens.

Community cameras will be used to monitor traffic, pedestrian, and active transportation routes, as well as river flood levels. They will also web stream key outdoor tourism areas. Public safety cameras will be used for enhancing safety in public places.

The public safety cameras will enhance the Police’s ability to better protect the community by allowing immediate situational awareness and oversight in the event of incident. Additionally, the presence of public safety cameras and appropriate signage have been shown to act as powerful crime deterrents. Evidence obtained by video cameras has proven invaluable in many police investigations and will enhance police’s ability to solve crimes.

The cameras will be installed in the following locations.

Public safety cameras:

  • 1 traffic camera junction between Brunswick and York
  • 1 traffic camera junction between King and Carleton
  • 1 traffic camera junction between Queen and Regent
  • 1 traffic camera junction between Westmorland and King
  • 1 traffic camera junction between Wallace and Main

Community cameras:

  • 2 cameras at the south end of the Westmorland Street Bridge
  • 2 cameras at the north end of the Westmorland Street Bridge
  • 1 camera at the City Hall Phoenix Square (junction between Queen and York)
  • 1 camera on the Fredericton Public Library overlooking the river
  • 1 camera in Officers’ Square (on top of the special events building)

Cameras have also been installed on Fredericton Transit buses. As the project develops, more cameras will be installed in other locations around the City. Initial community funding partners include Business Fredericton North and Downtown Fredericton Inc.  Other interested businesses or organizations who would like to partner in this initiative are encouraged to contact the Fredericton Police Force for further information.

All cameras follow the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, as well as Privacy Legislation. 

For more information, including frequently asked questions, please visit