COVID-19 results in reissue of Intercultural Awards call for nominations

Just three days before the COVID-19 lock down occurred, the City of Fredericton issued its original call for nominations for this year’s Intercultural Awards.  With the public focussed on safety and the many issues associated with the pandemic, people were focused elsewhere.  As a result, the City is reissuing the call for nominations for the awards.

There are two awards; one given to an individual and one to a group, organization or business that has demonstrated a sustained commitment and effort to enhance Fredericton’s cultural diversity, to promote interculturalism, to help combat prejudice, and/or to assist newcomers and immigrants in integrating to life in the community.

If you know of an individual and /or group / organization / business that would be deserving of these awards, please nominate them by filling out the online form or downloading a printable copy from the City’s website at  The nomination deadline is now Friday, October 2, 2020 at 8 am.

Here are some examples of the activities for which you can nominate a person, group, organization or business:

  • Advocacy. Advocating for an immigration issue, such as recognition of foreign credentials, federal regulations which affect provincial immigration (migration caps), provincial immigration programs, support services, etc.
  • Arts. Creating/organizing an exhibition, a film or streetscape art that promotes cultural harmony and understanding.
  • Awareness. Involvement in a project, initiative, service, or media that promotes awareness of issues related to promoting cultural diversity, interculturalism and combating prejudice.
  • Business. Leveraging or developing specific linguistic and cultural skills of employees to create and market products and services, thus enhancing the vibrancy of Fredericton’s entrepreneurial community.
  • Employers. Providing training and resources to ensure workers of all cultural backgrounds will be safe, productive and aware of their rights and responsibilities.
  • First Nation Relations & Culture. Fostering connections between members of the Wolastoqewiyik First Nation and the non-indigenous communities in Fredericton.
  • Foreign direct investment. Attracting FDI, through access to global network, with a positive economic impact on Fredericton’s economy.  
  • Francophone Relations & Culture. Helping promote Francophone culture within immigrant communities in the city.
  • Gender & Sexual Minorities. Creating awareness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two Spirit, Queer, or Questioning issues among immigrant communities.
  • International Students. Building connections between international students and the Fredericton community to promote student retention and workforce development.
  • Recreation & Sport. Encouraging the involvement of immigrants of various ages and origins in local recreation and sport.
  • Seniors & Persons with Different Abilities. Providing appropriate care and support for immigrants with different abilities or who are older adults while helping to combat social isolation in those two groups.
  • Settlement. Assisting newcomers with the immigration process, hosting prospective residents, or helping facilitate community involvement so that they may become fully participating members of society.
  • Tutoring. Developing or delivering programs/activities that build skills or knowledge of immigrants to participate fully in all aspects of our community.
  • Volunteerism. Recognizing volunteer contributions to promote multiculturalism and interculturalism.
  • Women. Supporting the participation of immigrant women in leadership roles within our society.
  • Youth. Encouraging immigrant youth engagement and leadership within our society.
  • Other. Any other category that you think is pertinent to this award.

The two recipients (individual, group/organization/business) and their guests will formally accept their awards at a virtual meeting of City Council. The exact dates will also be announced on the City’s website at a later date. 

For more information about the awards, please visit or contact Recreation, Culture and Community Development at 506-471-3694 or email