Fall Leaf Pickup Set for October 24 to 28 and November 7 to 11

The City of Fredericton’s annual Fall Leaf Pickup will take place this year during the weeks of October 24 - 28 and November 7 - 11.

This program has been operating for over 20 years and has helped divert thousands of tonnes of leaves from the City storm sewer system and regional landfill by sending material to the Municipal Compost Facility, which produces topsoil for use by the Parks & Trees division and other capital projects.

As an alternative to raking and bagging leaves, there are other options for residents. A back-yard composter will break down leaves and yard waste, which, together with kitchen waste will provide rich compost for your garden. 

Residents may also choose to use leaves on their gardens or perennial beds as free mulch, or leave a thin layer on their lawn. Yard waste will provide nutrients to enrich the soil for next year’s growing season and it will provide cover and insulation through the winter for pollinators such as bees and butterfly larvae. Other animals, including birds, toads, shrews, and salamanders also hide or hunt in leaf litter.

Here are the full guidelines for the 2022 Fall Leaf Pickup Program:

  • The 2022 Fall Leaf Pick-up will take place October 24 - 28 and November 7 - 11. There will be leaf pickup on November 11.
  • ONLY Compostable PAPER bags will be accepted.
  • Leaf pick up is expected to coincide with regular garbage/recycling days.
  • Pile leaf bags separately from regular garbage.
  • Leaves should not be raked into gutters.
  • Loose leaves will not be collected.
  • Leaves will not be collected for composting outside of the three-week collection period.

For more information visit www.fredericton.ca/fallleafpickup, contact Service Fredericton at 506-460-2020 or service@fredericton.ca.

For more information on the benefits to your lawn and wildlife of not cleaning up your yard or garden entirely below are links to David Suzuki Foundation, Xerces, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.