Fredericton Transit introduces accessible Transit service

Fredericton Transit is taking the next step in supporting the traveling needs of all residents.

Accessible Transit will be available beginning October 1, 2020 on all busses. As part of the new service, ramps are installed on all busses allowing passengers with mobility devices to enter a bus. As well, they will be able to take advantage of dedicated priority space on the bus they travel on.

“Accessible Transit service is an important step in the City of Fredericton’s plans for provide inclusive Transit services,” said Coun. Kevin Darrah, chair of the Transportation Committee for the City of Fredericton.

The new service is part of the City’s Transit Strategic Plan and Accessible Transit Plan, and was developed in partnership with Ability New Brunswick.

“The new accessibility service on Transit is now available for anyone who needs it,” said George Woodworth, incoming president of Ability New Brunswick.

Transit Operators will assist riders when they enter a bus by deploying the ramp upon request and assisting with securing a mobility device. Prior to departing the bus, Transit Operators will release the ties downs for the mobility device of a rider and deploy the ramp again.

Passengers traveling who require a mobility device should have the ability to board, maneuver and depart the bus independently, safely and efficiently.

Passengers who require a significant amount of assistance in boarding and exiting the bus may be accompanied by an attendant, who can ride for free. Priority seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Priority seats may be occupied.

Many Transit stops have also been made accessible and the City is continuing to make improvements to the accessibility of its bus stops. A map of accessible Transit stops is available on the Fredericton Transit website.

Policies for passengers including the types of mobility devices is permitted is also available on the Fredericton Transit website.

“We thank Ability New Brunswick for their partnership on this important offering,” says Darrah.