Fredericton Transit introduces digital transit payments

Transit customers will be able to pay for Transit pass with mobile device

Fredericton Transit will now offer customers the opportunity to make digital transit payments.  The new service will allow transit riders to buy a single ride pass or a monthly pass from their mobile device using the HotSpot payment app.

“This is an exciting new service offering to our Transit customers,” said Coun. Kevin Darrah, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee. “Monthly and single ride passes will be available. You will be able to store a monthly pass on your mobile device and purchase single ride passes minutes before a bus arrives. Customers will enjoy the convenience this easy-to-use new payment option will offer.”

The new payment option will allow customers to use HotSpot to purchase passes up to 72 hours before the month in which the passes are being purchased. Transit riders will be able to buy a single ride pass anytime.

The introduction of digital transit payments is part of the implementation of the City’s Transit Strategic Plan. The Plan recommended introducing additional fare payment options.

“Digital payments are an important step in the City’s plans to modernize Transit services,” said Meredith Gilbert, manager of Fredericton Transit.

The new digital transit payment service will be available for monthly pass purchases August 29 and single ride passes September 1.