New funding to initiate study on reducing City Hall’s environmental impact

New funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipality’s (FCM) Green Municipal Fund will help City Hall become carbon neutral.

FCM has committed $24,900 towards the feasibility study entitled Conserving energy and preserving history: A carbon neutral study for Fredericton’s City Hall. The funding will support a study to determine energy retrofit options and associated life-cycle costs. The options being studied range from a business-as-usual baseline to becoming fully carbon neutral. The study is being timed with the need to replace many building systems at City Hall in the near future.

“The proposed carbon neutral feasibility study will allow us to assess the options for energy-use reduction and environmental footprint reduction,” said Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien. “It will allow us to understand lifecycle costs, environmental benefits and additional costs and benefits to energy components within the building. This study will result in a recommended path forward that will help us achieve our energy and environmental goals while considering costs, feasibility and our ability to work within the guidelines of the building’s historical designation.”

Overall, the project will assess at least 38 individual technologies and solutions. These are broken down into seven categories ranging from the HVAC system to an alternative energy system. The study is designed to explore five options with varying levels of GHG and energy reductions, each with different lifecycle costs. Each option accounts for the guidelines for restoring a National Historic Site and meeting current and future building needs.

This project builds on the City of Fredericton’s history of being leader in tackling environmental issues. Over the past two decades there has been a consistent focus on the City’s energy-use reduction and GHG emissions reductions. The City has seen its greenhouse gas emissions steadily decline – with 2018 emissions 34% below 2004 levels. This latest project is the first step towards realizing larger reductions through whole building energy retrofits.