Transit Collective Agreement Approved

Wage and other increases tied to CPI NB

The City of Fredericton and CUPE Local 1783, the union representing Fredericton Transit operators, have agreed to a new Collective Agreement.  CUPE Local 1783 represents 43 transit workers in two categories, Operator I (28 employees) and Operator II (15 employees).

The contract is aligned with management and the three recently settled CUPE agreements at the City of Fredericton, where increases to wages and benefit spending allowances were tied to the New Brunswick Consumer Price Index (CPI NB).  A one-time signing bonus of $350 per employee was also provided in the form of Downtown Fredericton and Business Fredericton North dollars. 

The total additional cost of the agreement to the City, over the three-year life of the contract and including the one-time signing bonus, is estimated to be $136,054.41.   

The previous transit agreement expired at the end of December 2019.  The new agreement runs from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022.  It reflects current operating conditions.  Implementation of items outlined in the City’s Transit Strategic Plan continues, including efforts related to technology, accessibility, routing, and hours of operation.

Fredericton Transit operates 28 buses on twelve routes, running Monday to Saturday, from 6:15 am until 11:00 pm (except on Holidays).  In addition to standard route service, the Transit Division operates chartered busing, and a parallel service, Para Transit, for persons with mobility disabilities.


“Our transit operators work on the front lines, interacting with residents and helping them get back and forth to work, school and other appointments.   We appreciate their dedication, especially during the past year and the changes resulting from COVID-19.  From a taxpayer perspective, another collective agreement with wages tied to the Consumer Price Index is positive.”

--Mayor Mike O’Brien, City of Fredericton

“Fredericton Transit operators are a hard-working group of men and women.   We take our jobs seriously and understand the importance of keeping the transit system operating efficiently and on time.   We see what is happening in the city on a daily basis, and were pleased to suggest that our signing bonus be in Downtown Fredericton and Business Fredericton North dollars.   It is a little way we can give back.”

--Michael Dubee, President, CUPE Local 1783

Collective Agreement Details:

Wage increases for the new Transit contact are tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) New Brunswick, as per the City’s HR Tactical Plan.  This is the same wage increase being received by City Council, the City’s management and non-bargaining group, as well as the City’s other CUPE unions.

A signing bonus of $350 per member was agreed to.  In a unique effort to support local businesses affected by COVID, the signing bonus includes $175 in Business Fredericton North Dollars and $175 in Downtown Fredericton Dollars.

The Benefit Spending Allowance (BSA) for transit operators was increased to reflect the previously negotiated contracts with other City CUPE Unions in 2020.  The new BSA levels, for the first year of the contract, are as follows: 

  • Operator I:  $213.26
  • Operator II:  $137.16
  • Note:  BSA to increase by NB CPI every year thereafter. 

The allowance for footwear will increase from $125 to $150, and then increase by CPI NB for every year thereafter.  Clarification around vacation entitlement, as well as provisions related to absences in cases of domestic and family violence situations were also clarified.