Victoria Circle Roundabout public art presented to Council

Nationally recognized artist inspired by Saint John River, stars and Fredericton's history

Next summer, a public art installation entitled Blue Circle, celebrating the Saint John / Wolastoq River, will complete the Victoria Circle Roundabout.

The art installation by Marlene Hilton Moore is part of the Fredericton City Centre Plan implementation that recognizes the importance of Victoria Circle as a principal gateway into Fredericton's downtown.

A selection panel comprised of arts professionals, members of the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee and a representative of Downtown Fredericton, chose the piece by Marlene Hilton Moore from over 50 submissions nationwide. 

"This design really stood out to the selection committee, especially given its relatability to our beautiful river and its subtle references to our past and dynamic future," said Coun. Kate Rogers. “The Victoria Circle Roundabout is our gateway to the downtown, and this installation represents that in an artistic and contemporary fashion."

The installation features two large semi-circles, somewhat off-set from one another. It creates a 5-metre diameter that rises around 3 meters above the ground supported by a central post. The aluminum half-circles feature a metallic blue aerospace paint with laser-cut circles illuminated with natural light during the day and LED lights at night.

"The Saint John River is Fredericton's most important physical feature, and it's spirit anchors the city," said Hilton Moore when explaining her piece's inspiration. "The shimmering metallic blue mirrors the river, and the circular shape reflects the stream of traffic."

When designing the piece, the artist also drew upon Fredericton's history and abundant church steeples that dot its skyline. "I represented these aspects poetically through laser-cut circles, for the stars in our sky appear more like circle shapes than star shapes," said Hilton Moore.

In addition to the river reference, the two half circles that create the whole represent the north and the south banks of the Saint John River, as well as the original layout of the town plat in two parts. The two halves are angled up and down to define the city as it continues to grow and change. 

Ms. Hilton Moore lived in Fredericton as a child and frequently visits her family and friends in Atlantic Canada's riverfront capital. For more information about Ms. Hilton Moore's design, visit the City of Fredericton website:

The Victoria Circle Roundabout was constructed in 2019.

About Marlene Hilton Moore

Marlene Hilton Moore is an artist with a distinctive profile in Canadian visual arts marked by outstanding achievements at local and national levels, particularly in the complex area of public art and monuments, receiving many public art commissions over the last sixteen years. Her visual concepts, combined with comprehensive knowledge of the public art process, have resulted in commissions of striking human figures and architectural forms.

Her public art commissions include Valiants Memorial in Ottawa; Vimy Centennial Bugler at Vimy Foundation Centennial Park, France; Borden Legacy Monument; The Volunteers in Halifax; and many other commissions throughout Ontario.

In 2010, Hilton Moore retired from her professorship at the School of Design and Visual Art, Georgian College, following a distinguished 25-year teaching career.