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City launches Environmental Dashboard

The City of Fredericton’s Community Energy & Emissions PlanCorporate Energy & Emissions Plan, and Climate Change Adaptation Plan all outline the targets that we are aiming towards in order to mitigate climate change impacts, adapt to them, and build a more sustainable and efficient future for our city. Being transparent and sharing our progress towards those targets is key to the success of these plans. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our new Environmental Dashboard.

The Environmental Dashboard is a visual hub where residents can easily see our progress on climate issues that are important to them through graphs, maps, and links.

The site will feature indicators of our success related to: 

  • community GHG emissions
  • municipal GHG emissions
  • waste diversion
  • green commuting
  • active transportation network
  • trees planted per year
  • tree canopy cover
  • green space
  • community water use
  • climate resilient capital projects
  • renewable power generated on municipal buildings
  • climate action progress

These areas were chosen following a 2020 Engage Fredericton project during which residents were invited to weigh in on the environmental indicators that were most important to them. We have included the top 12 in the Environmental Dashboard (the full datasets for indicators can be found through our Open Data portal). The data on the dashboard will be updated annually and we will also regularly assess whether new indicators will need to be added.

Residents can also use the dashboard to learn about actions that have been completed or are underway as well as those planned for the near future for each of the City's climate change plans. For example, searching under our Corporate Energy & Emissions Plan will show users that in 2021 we completed a buildings utilization assessment and upgraded facility lights to LED, among other efforts, and that planned actions for 2022 include retro-commissioning rinks and developing a Green Buildings Policy.

“Our energy & emissions plans and our Climate Change Adaptation Plan are designed to represent issues important to our community,” says Mayor Kate Rogers. “I’m pleased that our new Environmental Dashboard provides residents the opportunity to check on our progress to ensure we’re moving in the right direction towards a better future for us all.”