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A look at hard and soft surfaces in the plan.

Paving over Officers’ Square and turning it into a parking lot? Is that what’s being proposed?  Not really. Today’s blog looks at hard and soft surfaces.

It’s true that the total percentage of hard surface will increase. It’s also true that the Great Lawn will remain grass and will actually get larger by 1.3% (33 m2) in the proposed plan. 

If we look at the area traditionally considered Officers’ Square area, the hard surfaces will increase by 22.89%. These surfaces will mainly be quality paver stones set in a tartan-like pattern.  That’s mainly to accommodate the heavy pedestrian and vehicle pressure between the washrooms and the Great Lawn. Additionally, in order to prevent muddy damage to grass areas, the area immediately in front of the new rain-protected main performance stage would be paver stones.  In the past, the area in front of festival stages has really looked bad with damaged grass. This way, everyone can dance their hearts out, even in the rain. Even with your boots on.

Here’s something else to consider. In the proposed plan, the overall area available for quality public use in the larger Officers’ Square area increases significantly with the addition of children’s play areas. If we look at the total space, the hard surfaces increased by 15.14%.

Most of the area covered in paver stones would replace asphalt parking areas. Also worth noting is that parking would remain in the multi-purpose plaza when not in use.

To best compare the current site to the proposed plan, click here to see a slider view of the two site images.