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Officers’ Square: Fredericton’s most important public space

Welcome to the Officers’ Square information page. Over the past few months there have been a lot of questions about the Garrison District Master Plan and the related Officers’ Square revitalization plan.  We will use this blog to provide information about the Plan and how the City of Fredericton will engage with residents moving forward.

Let’s start with something we can all agree on: Frederictonians love Officers’ Square. It is our most important public space. It’s a National Historic Site. It’s where we gather to celebrate as a community, to join the party at Harvest, to hang out with friends and family, to support our local performers and artists, and to honour our shared history.

Ensuring we can all continue to enjoy and use Officers’ Square is a priority for residents, councillors and staff alike.

There are two primary issues related to the revitalization of Officers’ Square. The first is the overall vision for the Square. The revitalization plan is a multi-phase, multi-year project to provide much-needed improvements to the existing cultural, festival, and recreational infrastructure of the space and was developed following community consultation.

The second is the more immediate issue of public safety as it relates to the Queen Street retaining wall. Regardless of what happens with the rest of the Square, we must fix the wall and in particular the balustrade (pillars and decorative fence) that was installed in the 1970s and is in danger of falling down.

We will provide regular updates prior to any permitted work on the balustrade. In addition, we will provide information and answer frequently asked questions about the revitalization plan. To get started, here’s the conceptual rendering.  For more information click here.